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Cant speak for CX but KA has the worst training mentality of any airline I have worked for.

One pilot was given the tick verbally after a pc only to find he had lost the tick when the form arrived 2 weeks later. He queeried the check captain only to be told "From memory it was not worth a tick". One TIRE had to leave the debrief room to phone the manager flight training to ask him if the candidates performance was a pass or fail. Of course he failed but based on the input from someone who wasnt even present!!!! WTF. Its the only airline I have worked for where the check report is not sighted or signed by the candidate until its too late. The most common "hint" as to the poor quality of the training mindset is when a candidate questions the comments or the result of a pc/ct5. All too often the reason for the poor grade or failure changes from report to checker to manager. ie: they are not basing their decision on a framework of agreed criteria or performance indicators but on GUT INSTINCT.

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