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Just a further couple of points. While CAD may be privy to any changes in the training system, it doesn't necessarily mean they will do anything about it if it is wrong. Case in point is when the '777 ground course in your own time' was changed only after the pilot's association challenged it. Only then was CAD forced to make a decision.

I would also challenge the help that candidates get after failing the command course. IMHO, there is in fact no real, effective and most importantly non-jeopardy/threatening system in place to assist guys in any areas that they may need to improve.

CX training departments refusal to look inwards and address some of these issues is disappointing. Is it that the training system is so bogged down that they don't have the resources and time to do this? Don't know. Just a thought.

As for a trans pacific flight, it would be a brave Captain who would, under most circumstances, not receive guidance from the company before making any decision about a diversion or tech stop. It's not about our ability to make a decision. It's about using all the resources available to us.
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