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Say what?

I have got to butt in. There are some people on another planet here, and I suspect that would be the 3rd floor planet called ......

Some of you guys sound like a PR firm!


I personally know 7 guys who failed their command course. With the exception of 1, they all put in an incredible amount of work for their command course. Being ill-prepared is hardly ever an issue here at CX. They all know there is alot at stake. The historical failure rate just makes them even better prepared than ever these days. Your information regarding the program to do with failure rates is interesting. However, CAD have no real teeth here. It would be seen by CX as interfering. Again, CX simply do not have the political will to look inwards at themselves.

One could say that maybe they are just not command material. Well, once again, I know each and every one of these people and know that is not the case. Apart from one of the group, I have flown with each of them and have left them to it on their sectors. Definitely no problem there.

Vermin - get a life. Your drivel doesn't even warrant reading. Your racist remarks have no place here.

electricjetjock - I believe you should add command decision making. Not change it from group decision making. You are technically correct in what you say (CAD etc), but the difference in dispatching is really not a huge issue. 99% of the time, the decision is very straightforawrd as far as route, fuel etc goes. i.e. go the route the computer says, and take the fuel the flight plan says! As has been said previously, the acid test is whether you would trust the guy with your own family on board. I can tell you (but you know already (this part of comment deleted - a bit on the nose eh what?)) that there are many command failures I would have no hesitation in trusting them with my family.

The sad thing is that whether or not you pass a command course can depend on 2 very inmportant factors:

1. Who you get for your 3 and/or 4 Bar and extension sectors (if applicable), and

2. Who is on leave when your file goes around the training department prior to the final nod.

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