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Hello french_colibry!
I wish I didn't go for that interview!
First of all,because they don't pay you for your expenses (ticket and hotel),they invite as many people as they can.The interview was only 10 minutes...She said she was going to let me know after 2 weeks...after 1 month I didn't hear from her so I send her an email....and she reply saying that I didn't get the job. I don't mind that as I already have a job on a VIP aircraft,what bothers me is that I spent around 250 euro to go there,I made a big fuss where I work because I wanted to be released one day early to go to the interview,and she didn't even bother to reply to me if I didn't send her the email (she said at the interview that she was going to email in in 2 weeks regardeless that I got the job or not).End of the story:It's a big waste of time.
Do you have any experience or r u working at the moment?
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