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look on thier web site


are bmi are recruiting? they are always recruiting! and that should give you an indication of the type of airline that you will be joining.

bmi were recruiting before bmed came along, and bmi aint grown or expanded realy as most of the euro flights we used to do aint there any more! bmi still has the same amount of aircraft as they had 10 years ago, and the crew compliment has reduced on most flights. so sit there and think to yourself......... the airline has got smaller over the last 10 years (with the exception of the buy out of bmed) so where have all the crew gone that they've been recruiting over the last 5 years because bmi has never stoped recruiting!?!?!?!?

i have been at bmi for almost 10 years, and love working with a great bunch of prople. you will never work with a better bunch of crew, no matter which base you fly from or with. bmi staff are the best in the business, i just wish the airline appreciated it!
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