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Blimey perhaps I should have just kept bloody quiet!! Bottom line is CTC is a damn sight harder to get into than any of the others (I know - I got a place at the others) and a fantastic training organisation. I'm really proud I got in here and I know loads of guys out here and back in the UK who feel the same! I know I'm just an inexperienced newbie but I love the getting up at 5:30 for lectures, enjoy the fact that I don't know what each day is going to offer. After working where I was before CTC, there is absolutely no comparison!!! By all means have your say tho guys and girls, that why we post here - just wanted to add a bit of balance as I know some people want to know that its not a bad deal all in! People tend to bash things much easier than compliment them. (Tho our car is making funny noises at the moment!!)
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