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Hello mate,
I currently work for BMI out of London Heathrow as crew and have done for the last 2 years. I had a sheet given to me recently showing the up to date pay.
As a new starter (If successful in the interview) you can expect to earn about 9500 per annum with London Waiting at about 2500 on top. Then you have to take into consideration your monthly flying allowances which can vary depending on how much you fly that month and whether you night stop or not. It would usually be no less than another 200 a month. This is only for the first 6 months because when your rank moves up you get a pay rise (Sorry I can't remember how much).
When you start you'll initially be flying on the shorthaul network but when you've been here a minimum of 6 months and opportunities arise then yo can go for promotion. For example Flight Supervisor or Longhaul. You just have to be patient as it doesn't happen overnight with BMI.
Hope this has been of some help to you!!!


Some info for the interview is that its a group session in the morning where you are observed by someone on our recruitment panel. Be yourself and try to get involved even if its no interest to you because they're looking at how you work in a team.
If successful in the morning then you get a 2 to 1 interview in the afternoon. Nothing tricky to know here as you just need a lot of examples to answer the questions with.
I believe there are also tests which yo have to do in Maths and maybe English but not 100% sure
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