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3 and 2 half GAs

Zurich - GA twice. Terrible weather, not stabilised on the first approach, second GA was a surprise to us pax but the captain later said that the tower gave him warning of wind sheer(?) , he said that if we did not get in third time we would divert. Third approach no problem, lots of power pretty smooth all the way down. It was pretty scary however on the first/second.

Basle(I think), not quite a GA, Turboprop on finals for one runway had the runway changed at the last minute. No reason given but getting off the plane I asked the captain and he said "Ah, you noticed! I haven't landed on that one for a while and I thought I would just practice" - never did find out the real reason.

Geneva - again a turboprop I think, did not get confirmation of undercarriage locked down, ok 2nd time around but we did get a fire-engine escort on each side down the runway.

Best ever not quite GA was SAS into Seattle/Tacoma, there was a camera on the nose wheel and most of us where pretty sure that he was lined up to land on the highway until a Hard Left/Hard Right or was it hardRight/HardLeft put us back on track. Whether it was really the highway or just a mix-up with a LH and RH runway (are there two at SEA?) I do not know. So much for all the modern nav-aids!

That's my lot for over 20yrs approx 2000 flights.
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