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as a cabin crew member i have flown with easyjet for just over a year, last summer we were coming in to land at AGP (malaga) and had to do a go around at 80ft (or so the pilots said!) we were immediately pushed into our seats as the plane powered up and gained height then lifted off our seats as they straightened out. It took a little while for us to realise what was going on but we were soon aware of what happened.
The main thing we have to do in this situation is re-assure the passengers sat around us and the purser has to make a PA to tell everyone of what has happened. Once the pilots are in a possition to do so they also make a PA tell confirm what has happened and why. In this case there was another aircraft on the radio, speaking in spanish and our pilots couldn't get a word in edgeways to ask for clearence to land, so at 80ft they had to abort the landing. They then telephoned us to check that we were ok and ask how the passengers were.
The weird thing is on disembarkation none of the passengers believed why we had to go around they all thought that there was something wrong with the aircraft, some of them even blaming easyjet for it!! but for me i found it quite exciting, like being on a roller coaster! The aircraft (as i see quite alot of people here always like to know!) was a B737-700
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