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I was doing your assessment day on the 14th. Obviously I don't know who you are from your username. Please be patient with us, it has only been a few days, I am sure you will hear soon. And good luck.

the goon

Sorry to hear you partner was unsuccessful on her assessment day. I hope she can take away the feedback as constructive feedback and not as negative. As Johnesy said Don't forget we welcome people to reapply in 6 months and do like to be proven wrong. If she liked what she saw with easyjet then we will look forward to seeing her in 6 months. Good Luck


How was today?
Well it is now all over my good friend, Going to miss recruiting with you, I feel that we both were on the same page when recruiting. And of course going to miss flying with you
I wish you all the best with Virgin and hope all goes well. I look forward to seeing you around and of course chin wagging on here.
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