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hi there sorry to hear about your wife.
ok, a few piont to consider if she passed the exams then she can certainly read and write in english good enough for us, however in the group exercises we look at some candidates and it becomes tclear that they are having trouble understanding people when they are talking or their spoken english may be a little weak. More likely in the group exercise she was a bit weak in the competencies that we look for, these are conciensous, empathy,initiative and scense of ungency, we do tell them this at the start of the day. we dont just look at team work, and just because someone has flown with another airline for years doesn't mean that they will be perfect and pocess eveything that we are looking for. Please do remember that we are not saying that your wife is not good enough for us it's just that she didn't show what we were looking for on the day. I'm sure that she would make an excellent crew member for us but she needs to show us that, wich she can, if she so wishes in 6 months time. I hope this helps you understand what we are looking for and why she may have been turned down.
Kind regards
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