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Quick question for EZY recruitment staff

My better half has just attended one of your recruitment days. She was not invited back for the individual interviews held during the second part of the process. Fair enough, you may think, however on posing the question of why she was not to be interviewed, she was told her standard of English was not "Up to standard".

I find this ridiculus as although she is French, her level of spoken English is on a par with mine and her written, far exceedes my own. Coupled with this she has more 3 years experiance in the job with a corporate operation and two scheduled airlines, therefore I doubt that she has any issues with "team working" having proven this by experiance.

As an occupier of the RHS I have had the "pleasure" of flying with cabin crew who`s level of English was so bad on one occasion I had to draw a picture of a bottle of water to make her understand what I was requesting.

So to the question, all you EZY recruiters. Any pointers to why she would have been rejected?
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