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I am not sure I would want my whole working day monitored, so I have sympathy on that point, but IF an airline decides it wishes to provide this service to its customers then they have given me the right to listen and removed your right to privacy - the gripe would be with them.
No, that haven't. They have provided me with the option to activate the feed, just in the same way that they give me control of the seatbelt signs. I decide what you can hear in the same way as I decide when you can move about the cabin and when hot drinks can be served.

My working day is already monitored more intensely than you probably realise - every second of every flight is replayed by the company to ensure procedures are followed and the aircraft is operated within all limits, so don't tell me about aircrew 'superiority'.

What I do not think is prudent is for untrained ears to put 2 and 2 together and come up with 5 with only 10% of the available information at their fingertips. We all know how quick people are to ring up the press with often unproven sensational stories that damage individuals and companies.

My take on a live ATC feed is that it is something dreamt up by marketing teams as a gimick - I repeat, it will never be enabled on any flight I command. If you don't like that - tough!
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