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Hi Hot-bit,

Yup it's just standard sizes, you just try on the one you think will fit best in a little changing room, and then they take it from there, it it's too tight, too loose etc...regulations are SO strict as to how it must look, so it's got to be perfect! I had to get a bigger size than I am usually, to get the length (cos I'm too bloody tall) and then I was covered in pins because she had to narrow the whole thing down You might get lucky and just fit normally haha! I had mine yesterday and it was sooo much fun to see myself in the uniform - so exciting!! We get 30 dry cleaning vouchers every six months as well, which is great.

The list is endless, suits, shirts, 2 shoes, cardigan for crew rest, handbag etc... We get everything down to the silver earrings, and you have a choice about some stuff, like for your ground shoes you can choose a medium or high heel (obviously the cabin ones are just low though)

Can't really think of anything else that stood out! Hope this gives you some idea of what happens!!

Jill x
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