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May I add: when you are grounded for pregnancy reasons you still get your 100% basic salary and a daily allowance.
I found my job on the ground quite boring, but I loved the fact that I could interact with other pregnant girls at the same time (we're all due within 3 weeks of each other!) and I discovered an aspect of my airline that I ignored before.
Besides I had some health "hiccups" as well so I was signed off by my doctor and in the end ended up doing only 2 days a week (although the airline is still obliged to pay you full time). That meant I had to stop working 4 weeks before my due date, however I would have stopped anyway - no way I could get behind the steering wheel of my car every day now for 30 miles morning and evening!!!

My airline calculates the risk of exposure to radiations for each of us, (pilots and cabin crew) month after month, and I am pretty sure that especially a short haul crew wouldn't suffer too much from cosmic radiation (there's no proven medical evidence just yet) however flying while pregnant can be difficult and possibly dangerous also for other things as well. Vodkaholic named a few of them. After 3 years of maniac work for this airline I have actually enjoyed some time off flying (although I can't wait to start again now!)...pregnancy is a time where you should put yourself and your baby first and only you can decide what you want to do. Trust your instinct and your gut feeling if still indecided!!
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