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Hi Sukigirl...

just my personal experience, I do not know if it can help you.

I do not know who you fly for, in my airline we have to "sign in" every day and by doing that we declare ourselves fit for flying and in doing that we are "legal" as per our Flying Crew Orders. Our FCO say that as soon as you believe (I think the word is in fact suspect) that you're pregnant you should ground yourself immediately. So, in theory, if you know you're pregnant but sign in to go flying you're going against the crew orders.

I know some people keep flying until they are obliged to tell the company (usually until the 16th week), however having tried it myself last year I would not suggest it as the best option.

I fell pregnant in 2005 and kept flying, I didn't really want to stop as I was feeling great, however at 8 weeks I started bleeding and the pregnancy was no longer viable. Since I hadn't told the company either I got into trouble for being "off sick". I didn't really want to tell them about the whole thing really for fear of getting into trouble.

I do not know if the two things (flying, being really tired because of strenuous rosters, eating badly, lack of sleep etc) were related, or if maybe things would have gone this way anyway, however lastjuly when I found out (very, very early on I might add!) I told the company straight away. Rostering, my manager and the duty managers knew it before my mum!!!!!

I am glad I grounded myself straight away as past 5 weeks I started feeling so rough this time I do not know how I would have coped with 5am reports and night flights!! Pkus, just the idea of the smell of those toilets again.....bbbrrrrrrr or even the smell of dirty ovens. Gosh I cannot think about it!!

So to finish it here, I believe it is up to you (provided you are not going against company procedures, if so then there are other things to think of!). It is true that flight attendants tend to suffer a bit more from miscarriages than ordinary wmen, however whether this is related to the flying itself (radiations etc) or to the lifestyle we do not really know! I certainly won't risk it anymore!!

Take care and have fun....trying is the best part! When you start feeling like a hippo ( ) like I feel now, it's another story!!


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