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Hello everyone

I'm just back from an assessment day.

I was very nervous. Now, if you are invited to attend on an assessment day, I can give you the BIG advice : CARPE DIEM ! Be yourself and relax.

Try to remember that : you show your personality, then they know better if your values and your competencies are in adequation with theirs. In the same time, they give you all the information you need, so that you will know if easyJet is the company that 'fits' you too.

I enjoyed my day very much. And I hope I will hear from EZY very soon, the recruitment team and all the other members of the company I could met had a good demonstration of their happiness at work, even if their job looked very strenous and demanding. It is typically the company which I would like to work for. I hope I am typically the member they would like to work with.

Have a good night everyone. I'll try to let you know if I got the job...
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