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If MAD is short then i think i know why, the last 3 or 4 courses to graduate the accademy did so in normal clothes! There are no more uniforms! Dimensions has stopped making them,
Hi John

I heard rumour of uniform problems due to the new one arriving and Dimensions have cut back on production, but did not realise the extent of it. I know crew at LTN have been ordering top ups, but due to lack of stock the recieve different to what the ordered, eg Shirt with grey and orange, but due to shortage the recieve the all orange one insted and apparently can't send it back and get a refund. So on that note even though a few new sparkly shirts would be nice for me, I am not risking it, Sod paying Dimensions cash for something I am not gauranteed. Plus the uniform is due hopefully in a few months. Any of you guys based elsewhere having the same problems????
Oh also John the BCCM for MAD was on my flight the other day and said there are big problems also with crew getting ID's so that is also a factor in MAD being crew short.
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