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hi guys well with regard to the LTN FA's going dual rated don't really know if this will effect the rest of the FA's left at LTN as they wont take that many people away, just a select few and as it stands at the moment LTN is acually very overmanned, this is because of the shortages last summer, the airline decided to take action and increased the number of FA's employed at LTN. The only problem with this is that there simply aren't enough flights to go around so the new guys suffer by not getting flights. Crew are actually having their end of probation line check while they have stars!! (true!) the rest of us have a mix of flights and home standby's for with we have about 50 FA's on home standby at any one time! SCCM's we are very short of so if you want more flights go for promotion!! They are doing the kind of roster we were this time last year 120hours. If MAD is short then i think i know why, the last 3 or 4 courses to graduate the accademy did so in normal clothes! There are no more uniforms! Dimensions has stopped making them, so now when they graduate they will have to wait for either the new uniform, or a second hand one when someone leaves, and have the pleasure of paying for it!!!! sorry if i sound negative just fancied getting on my soap box!!
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