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Firstly to psychopathbabble
Calm Down, firstly I can't give away to much as I recruit at easy, however I would like to help were I can. Ok regards to the website, Yes it is usefull to read through the site and pick up info on easyjet, Your not expected to know it inside out. There used to be a easyjet test but there is no longer (unless things have changed in a week since i was last there) However please do still look through the web as picking up on easyjet facts will be a help for the day. Also look at the routes we do from your prefered base which you are applying for. Again try not to get to worked up and bogged down with revising the web site but do read through it for usefull info.
And yes do be pleased you got to the assesment day, there is a tough screening proccess so well done.
Questions in the maths/english test are multiple choice but its worth just refreshing yourself on general sums (Its not GCSE).
So I hope that helps, Oh when is your interview? never know it could be me
Next To Ianbeale
Please bare with recruitment they are really busy at the moment, our team are also recruiting in europe and scotland so staff are out the office, Iam sure you will here soon.
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