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Hi Guys

For any of you with your recurrent training coming, be warned there has been a few issues with whats in the manuals to whats in the exams.

EG Hoover lifecot When do you you inflate it?
a) Inside before impact
b) Outside after impact
c) Inside after impact

Well yes as i am sure you are aware its B. But the manula says inflate on exiting the aircraft, so the argument that irrupted on the course was, is exiting inside or out? a trainer then said well your half OUTSIDE.
Ok so if your half out then yout half IN, so in theory B and C are both correct. So if you get marked wrong for putting Inside after impact there is you argument.

Oh and on your first aid section DO take note of the refresher training they give you before your exam as there are a couple of 'misprinted/worded' items in the revised section of the manual to what the teach you on the day, It is mainly to do with BLS on a child.

Right finished moaning now
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