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Application Forms (in particular virgin)

I know it is standard to ask for details of absence from work in cabin crew application forms. I applied to Virgin about 6 months ago and didn't get it after interview. At that time I hadn't had any days off work in the past 12 months so I didn't need to fill that part of the form out. I am away to re-apply to Virgin. However since my last interview I have been signed off work by the Dr for 2 weeks (all at once) because of a skin infection. I don't require time off work anymore and its no longer an issue. In my whole working career this is the first sick days I have taken. What I was worried about though was that they will hold this against me on an application form and not invite me to interview, does anyone know if that would be likely?

Also do they look at your medical records or do they just give you their own company medical? Someone once said to me that former employers are not allowed to give new employers details on any absences...is that true?

Or if anyone has any advice in general as to how to tackle this question on a form and the implications any absences may or may not have I would really appreciate it (even comments about other airlines policy in regards to this)

I'm maybe panicing, I don't know. I just want to give myself the best chance second time around.

Thank you!!
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