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hi everyone!
i didnt posted on PPRuNe after a long time.. i applied exactly a year ago to BA (heathrow worldwide) and unfortunately didnt get the job. i was very sad because i really thought i could be a great cabin crew. i have been working as a dispensing optician for 10 years in the same company, and i really want to change!
i havent gone to other airlines interviews because i need 2 travel to london for interview, which means spending ! so im going to try now with virgin and i really hope i get it! im gonna try and finish my application tomorrow so i need ur help!
1 - my qualifications is of the portuguese system, so i dont know too well how to put that on the application. for options, it says the qualification can be from UK, africa or caribbean, and shows no other countries! also, now im taking up school again because i didnt finish my education. i think it is gcse standard (9 ano/year10), and it is the obligatory education in portugal. i also attended the next year of school, but have no written public exams. but because it was from a long time ago, the government gives it an equivalence to 12 ano/year13, which is like doing a-levels... so i dont know what to put... and i also dont know if to put the average of the certificate i got in all subjects, or individually for each subject. but it was so long ago, do u think they will really look at that, because i have a lot more experience (customer service, etc) which is much more relevant for cabin crew? also, will they ask for a copy of the qualifications? and should i also include a certificate i got in an english course i tok, would that help? it would be great to have ur advice.
2 - also, i dont know if i should put work experience before my current job or not... because i've been here for 10 years and i can get a reference from my current job, and the jobs i have before i lost touch with my bosses so it would b difficult to get a reference. i think cos ive been here 10 years it's enough for airside clearance, what do u think? should i include past employment anyway?
3 - if i get virgin (fingers crossed i will!!!), will i be able to commute straight away from lisbon, for example, wiht the travel benefits? or will i have to wait 6 months to get them, which will mean i have to live in london until i get my travel benefits so i can commute at a low cost? im not sure how the benefits work in these situations. because it's long haul, i suppose it will be easier for me to commute, so...

these are all the questions i have for now.. it would be great if u could try to answer them! i would be really thankful!! it would be my dream to get this job and get out of here for a while to experience something new.... i need it!!!!! im already putting money aside that i will need to pay for the tickets and the hotel for if i am called for interview... i hope my dream can come true!!!
thank you everyone!
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