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The massive recruitment is due to a combination of factors. The new routes, new aircraft, and staff turnover. Who cares, there are heaps of jobs out there, which is great! There are currently 48 crew starting every week, including about 24 IFBTs per month.

FYI: New crew are only being trained on A346 and B744. We have not been trained on the A343 as there are only 5 in the fleet, and they will eventually be replaced. We have been told that we may be converted onto the A343 at a later date.

Virgin is by no means a perfect company, and there are varying degrees of happiness within the company. THE PAY IS CRAP, but still enough to live on, particularly if you save some of your allowances, the crew are nice, the trips are good lengths - one third 1 night, one third 2 nights, one third 3-5 nights.

I have 12 clear days off in March, with trips to Vegas, NY and a 5 night Antigua - Can't wait!!! Plus the V-Swap system allows you to swap all your trips without hastle! For me, all this is much better than 4 sector days at my old LoCo.
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