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Even before the Akrotiri Vulcan wing, surely there were plans to use some of those NEAF/MEAF bases?

Gib, El Adem, Hal Far, Luqa, Akrotiri, Muharrag, Masirah.....
Gibraltar was 'too difficult' and not used routinely by the V-force.
El Adem was a staging posts and also an FOL for use on the El Adem and Tarhuna ranges. It was too far forward to use as an operational base.
Hal Far was Navy
Takali had closed
Safi was an MU
Luqa was a NATO/CENTO base and used by up to 16 V-bombers. Initially Valiants, then Vulcan Mk 1 from the Waddington Wing and later the Mk 2. It was used, as was El Adem, for the Libyan ranges. It was too close to UK to be useful as a staging post.
Akrotiri was used as a base for the Libyan Ranges. It was too far forward for operational use by the V-force who would have overloaded the base if it had filled up with shorter range aircraft.
Nicosia had been used before Akrotiri opened.
Muharraq was a staging post.
Masiah was a CENTO dispersal for Vulcans from Akrotiri.
Mashad was a CENTO disperal
Merhabad was a CENTO dispersal
Peshaw was a CENTO dispersal
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