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Certainly wasn't trying to belittle, was just trying apparently ineptly to clarify.

The first few minutes was a bit of a shambles with multiple missed approaches and other traffic on the intermediate approach having to be delayed whilst we all tried to find out exactly what the situation was. We got about 15 secs warning from the tower that something might be up before the missed approach alarm went off for the first time.

Two or three a bit further out on 27R than the initial missed approaches were able to go down 27R till they were visual at about 5 or 6nm then sidestep over to 27L. At that point there was no ILS available on 27L, it only came up a few minutes later.

In amongst all this one aircraft went a bit further downwind to the east than was intended, BAW879 (or similar) if memory serves me correctly, apologies if that was you or anyone else reading.

When it came back for the final approach to 27L there was a large gap in front of it but behind it everything settled down very quickly and we spent 25mins or so 27L single, doing either 6nm or alternate 6nm/3nm spacing.

Again, not trying to belittle, just trying to give you a fuller picture.