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I'm also skeptical about Air Mauritius doubling the number of cadets. I've been told that they've been recommended to slow down because they won't have the capacity to line train them all when the type rating is done. The fleet is too small!

ATPLWhoops, Mk advised me to train for the JAA license and I understand WAAC do that. FTE is too expensive, you can train for half the price by going modular! But WAAC is quite good value I hear, and I also know for sure that they have some excellent ground instructors - I was taught by one of them! Mk do take most licences for interview as far as I know, but they will make you do the JAA license if you get a job with them, that means all 14 ground exams! Also be weary, with an Australian license you will only be able to work in Australia! Anywhere else and you will have to do a conversion!

Take a look at Egnatia in Greece, I hear they do a very competitive JAA integrated course. If I was you I'd also factor in the cost of doing an instructor rating, you might have to build hours if you don't get a reply from Air Mauritius!
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