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attitude & angle of attack vs flaps/slats

hello everyone,
a few simple reflections on the matter. attitude = angle of attack + slope.(always true even in level flight were slope = 0)
in our example attitude = constant, so only angle of attack & slope(altitude) can vary.
nobody talks about the power or thrustlevers, so, initially, assume they remain constant as well.
flaps & slats are by definition high lift devices, increasing lift & drag, enabling us to take off & land at reasonable speeds & runway lengths, basically we bolt another wing to the aircraft when extending these high lift devices.
for take off we use only partial flaps in order to take advantage of the increase in lift & minimizing the drag penalty. for landing we use more or full flaps, to use both, lift + drag. by definition AoAttack is the angle between the wingchord & the relative wind, so by setting flaps & slats you modify the wing cross section by increasing camber & surface & so i agree with old smokey(who i consider a wise man), by constant attitude, slats decrease AoA, whilst flaps increase AoA.
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