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Please do not lead this thread into the gutter. I know exactly who you are, we have worked together before and although you do come across a tad bitter in that you were forced out of the cockpit against your will at an early point in your flying career in the 'interests of the Service' to pursue a Staff career. I would suggest that if you want to continue this little spat -and you get a kick out of it - then continue it by PMs, as although I can go off thread at times, you most certainly have the ability to quickly degenerate what up until now has been an open and informed discussion in and around the related subjects of bravery,risk taking, resources, JPR etc etc.
Please don't mud sling or bitch slap here - it really isn't you , doesn't do you any favours and I know that you mean well at heart and are vry professional in what you do now.
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