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Ken Scott
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Originally Posted by Antique Driver View Post

A good platform doesn't automatically provide a good service!

Within the undiluted effluent spouted by Antique Driver I just spotted the above gem - surely after all his comments he didn't really mean to describe the J as a 'good platform', even if he was trying to be insulting, and ignorant of the fact that a large number of J pilots & ALMs have considerable K experience, SF, Tac & route - possibly more K experience than many of those southside, himself included probably.

I think an orderly transition from the K to the J in the SF role, with cooperation on both sides, is surely the way ahead, and therefore operating both types on 47 Sqn is a significant positive step. It's time that this rather pathetic in-fighting between the 2 types ceased, that we acknowledge that the J is the future, but that the experience on the K should be incorporated into the J world & hopefully into the A400M in the future, if that aircraft ever makes it into service.

We're all supposed to be on the same side, we have enough enemies out there, in Government, the Treasury, public ignorance & apathy, our own fast jet-centric leaders, and lets not forget the bad guys in Iraq, 'stan etc.

How about this being the last posting on this thread? In a new spirit of cameraderie & cooperation we HERCULES operators link arms & face the future together, rather than squabbling like children over who's got the best toy? Without wishing to resurrect the execrable 'T**m Lyneham, how about we actually work together for a change?

Let's put this thread to bed!
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