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I'm sure those crews can't wait for you to take over and release them from the months of deployements, often at short notice and in poor conditions, the constant threats and lack of support from the rest of the stn aircrew.

Having been a regular reader, but not poster on this site, I felt compelled to reply to the utter bull being spouted by 'Antique Driver'. I have no idea who you are but your lack of knowledge about certain K ops and your juvenile aircraft banter leads me to believe you either were refused a job with the flight, or failed to get a J posting.

Stop spouting boll s about things you know nothing of - those of us who appreciate what combined ops have to offer are welcoming the changes with open arms.

We are all working hard and risking our lives on a daily basis in different theatres, each type doing the job it is currently fragged to do.

Stop being a tw t - with your arrogance and lack of knowledge the closest you'll get to the flight is Guiness and Pies!!! (And if you are who I think you are then even that will be in doubt)

Rant over - back to hibernation mode!!

To all Lyneham's lad & lasses where ever you are - fly safe.
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