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So it's a sort of 'Customer Service Survey' as SASless rightly states?

Not a bad idea - if it's conducted in the right spirit.

We used to have to submit an entry in the aircraft diary if we were more than 20 min late off blocks - I never did learn what happened to all that data though. There must have been quite a lot of it, judging by all the paperwork delays, cocked up head counts and unreasonably tight planned turn round times I saw in my brief experience of AT.

Although "We were late because we had to recover a passenger life vest stolen by some thieving squaddie" might not go down too well with Woopert of the Wedgiment.... It happened to me once after a Turnhouse to Hannover trip; the movers had worked hard in the hot weather to get the jet unloaded and loaded in the turn round time, but the ALM found that one of the pax life vests was on its way to some squaddie barracks or other - the bus was stopped by the MPs and the life vest returned.

Not the fault of the RAF, that particular delay!
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