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The Answer:

Dude, you worry to much :-) Chill out a bit :-)
You got an automated email everybody gets. A lot of people struggle with their 5 year history because they have to chase up loads of references and don't take responsibility for it. You don't seem to be the type who will have problems like this.
About having been self employed: Just go to the Assessment day and when you get to the stage of the one to one interview they will go through your online application anyway. Then tell them about your concerns and ask if your accountant is the right person to pick as a reference.
I don't know about the Inland revenue stuff but again, that will be the time to ask them. You will have plenty of time to get everything organized and from what you said you won't have a problem at all. Don't forget, we've all been there!

As for your online application, if I remember it right you just re-submit an modified version by clicking the submit button again.
Don't worry to much, you'll be fine. It's all not rocket science after all ;-)
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