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I've been invited to attend an assessment day in Berlin.
I was emailed and my attendance is now confirmed. They also specify before that I start the assessment session I'll be required to ensure that all my 5 yrs history are well and correctly completed. They advise me I'm still ontime to re-access my application if I need to add or modify something...
All I wrote is correct and true but why they asked me to check it again? Now I'm nervous..considering they seem to be rigorous and strict about it..and I wouldn't like later to be in the position of not getting a job a cause of misunderstandings that could have occurred :S

I've been doing my current job for 9 yrs, since 1998, never changed it, never gave it up therefore my 5 yrs history is not so long! As a reference I put my accountant as I'm self employed therefore I'm not able to state someone who's higher than me within the organisation.
Do you think that's enough?
Will they ask me to provide a letter from the tax office ('Inland Revenue') or is this something only related to English people working in UK?

ps: If I'll add or modify something am I supposed to click the 'SUBMIT' main botton as I previously did in order to send my application? As I so do then they'll have it twice (a second one). Unless it is sufficient to click only the submit botton in the modified session/window..
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