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The Answer:

I'm not sure how often they up-date the available base section on the webside. When I applied there was nothing on there for BRS but they were advertising in newspapers that they need crew for BRS...so just give it a go. They ask you for your preferred base but you can always start at a base where they need people and transfer later...but depending on the base the waiting list might be long...

About the PA announcements, I can't tell you if they're still doing them or not. They did 1 1/2 years ago when I had my assessment day but that might have changed. It wasn't very hard anyway. They would give you a card with a statement like ' MR AND MRS SMITH ARE ONBOARD TODAY, FLYING TO VCE TO CELEBRATE THEIR 25TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. MAKE AN ANNOUNCEMENT.' So you would get up and say something like 'Ladies and Gents, we have mr.and mrs.smith on board today and they are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. The whole easyjet crew wants to congratulate them and wish them a great time in venice.'. Not too hard! It's more about being confident than being great at PA's.

When I did it the english test was a comprehensive test and a few question (not multiple choice) that you had to answer. I believe it's only about finding out if you understand and are able to make yourself understood. Not very hard, only the time pressure. Just make sure you read thouroughly!

There was no kind of memory tests when I went through and I doubt there is now. But they do ask a few questions about the company that you should be able to answer if you did your homework and read the webside.

And yes, I did make it through my assessment day and have been flying with easyjet ever since...actually having my senior interview coming up soon!

Best of luck!
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