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Hi Dolley thanks for supporting ;-)
I've asked whether they need crew at DTM's base in consideration of the fact that I've been watching on the site for 6 months, I only was wondering why it is always marked as an "available base" for recruitment. No one applies DTM as a preferred base??!!!

Asking a transfer could surely be an idea but first of all I need to be emailed in order to get an invitation to an assessment day and what is more I will need to succeed in
I red that in case of any vacant position at your preferred base they hold your application for 6 months, can an applicant suggest to be anyway assigned to another base with the purpose of asking a future transfer?

I'd have further question concerning ad libbed announcements.. I remember that someone previously wrote they got rid of it, could you confirm this statement or not?

The English test seems to be a comprehensive text followed by questions and multiple choice answers (3 and 1 is correct?). Is it a sort of memory exercise? I mean once you're given and red the text do they take it back as you must answer remembering its contents? It must be so otherwise I can't understand how people can fail, you know, once you're allowed to keep the compehensive text it's easy to come out with the correct answers isn't it?

Did you get through at your assessment day?

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