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Hi to all

Hi guys, I'm italian, first of all let me say this is a wonderful forum, I red all the 20 pages of the thread and I've found almost all answers I needed!

I did my online EJ application on Thursday and I got back this by the company:

Dear XXX.

Thank you for your application to easyJet for the position of Cabin Crew, which we have successfully received.

Applications will be reviewed as soon as possible and we will contact you via email with the outcome of your application.

Many thanks again for your interest in easyJet.

Kind Regards,

easyJet Crew Recruitment

I accurately filled my application, including the last five years history and my personal references too, I answered all questions concerning special situations with my customers that occurred in my current job. I obviously didn't get any outcome yet but if I well understood I should be emailed in any case within 14 days, if they'll find my application succesful I'll be invited to attend an assesstment day otherwise no. Is that correct?
Although in the EJ's site is reported that the assessment day will be attended at London Luton, I red here many different locations, (e.g Berlin or Dortmund) does this depend on the preferred base marked by the candidate in the application?
I red all comments and statements in the thread and I've to say it looks like EJ (as it's right to be) is carrying on a hard selection policy! It sounds like an assesstment day is supposed to start with 20/25 applicants but reading your comments I realized only 10/15 manage or not?
I've to say I'm a bit worried... even if I feel at ease.. I'm not English mother tongue. I was just wondering whether my fluency in English is enough to attend in a cool way an assessment day.. sigh sigh...
I'm not scared about any math's test considering they provide you a calculator as it seems to be dealing only with normal additions and conversions (->).
I have no problem in correctly reading an announcement, I only guess I could find some problems concerning ad libbed announcements, it's not easy for foreigners to get a card and succesfully come out I remember that someone previously wrote they got rid of it, does anyone can confirm this statement?

Kind regards, thanks in advance for your answers.

ps: How did you find my English? Is in your opinion fluent enough?
ps2: Do you think the fact I need glasses could represent a problem?

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