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I've been wondering if I should post this or not but anyway, I decided I'll post it! Consider this...

At 17, you get your PPL.

When 18 yrs old, you enter your first year university studying course X, only to realise that, working a bit harder, will get you into course Y which is more demanding, gets you far better salary at the end, and also you'll become someone in a profession which is not related to aviation.

So you leave University a few weeks after you enter course X, and re-take your A levels next year (possibly achieving better grades than the ones you already have), keeping in mind the aim to join the better, more demanding (etc etc) course you plan to join.

The reasons for doing this is due to realisation that you have the potential to join Course Y and will surely find it more interesting than course X, and finally that you will earn a better salary (to fund the pilot course should CTC scheme does not work out for you, or to repay any loans of pilot training, in addition to any other family loans).

During this time, you apply to CTC, and get selected for the interview part.

How do you think this would go down to the interviewers at CTC? Would they think that you want profession Y rather than pilot? I know it ultimately depends on how you present the facts, but is there something I'm missing?

Any opinions GREATLY appreciated. (either PM or here)