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After reading dozens of posts on this A-B debate I'm still wondering why the scenario is all the same : many pilots making fun of the Bus and many pilots defending it and almost never any pilot making fun of the Boeing planes and no pilots having to defend it? If you think I'm not right read the previous posts and do a search..
I've never tried to put a plane above other,I think any plane is fun to fly,and a very nice machine.
The old turboprop that I flew years ago,almost no automatics,except for level flight,and hdg,was fun to fly,and a very reliable airplane.And you had to do all by yourself,even pressurization was manual.No computer whatsoever.
The modern fully automated airplane that can do all the things for you,even sometimes simulating real,manual flight for you,can be fun to fly.It's how you learn to master the machine that can make all the fun from it.Even if you won't touch the controls.
Maybe next generation airplanes will be 'thought' controlled.You think they won't be fun flying? I doubt.
The plane that I really won't like flying will be the plane that will keep me grounded,not needing me in the air with it.
Enjoy flying
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