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It's amazing to see how even adult professional pilots can still engage in these futile A vs B debates. Very childish! While reading this thread, I thought I was on the flightsimmers forum on Airliners.net!

I have flown both B737 (2,3,4,500) and the A320 series.

They're both great aircraft!
Which Do I prefer? Definitely the A320! In automatic and in manual flight!
In "my" company, we are still allowed to fly the Airbus with A/P, A/T and F/D off and we do so on most of the approches. But it's very nice to know that, if necessary, this baby can bring me to an automatic full stop on the centerline in 0/0 vis, with one engine out!

(Just a personal opinion. You don't have to agree, but at least respect the opinion!)
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