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Currently on the A320/A321, i'm going the other way Airbus to Boeing after 5 yrs on the minibus, my number can either hold an F/O slot on B-757 or Capt B737-300/400, hard choices, i'll miss the ease of the Airboose Logique, but i shall enjoy either the performance of the 757 or have another turn at the responsibility of command! I await the laughs of my sim instructor and partner, as i transistion to not having autotrim or having to read the FMA religiously.

Goodbye! SECs,FMGC,SDAC,LGCIU,DMC& U and all the other computers and associated faults and spurious warnings that i have become so familiar with; wont get caught again forgetting to activate the approach and then managing the speed! oh joy, So long! beloved traytable & footrests, back to resting the tray on the logbook; hmmm let me see, nope cant hold a 330 slot, Boeing Baby here i come! Seriously aslong as i can hold a slot on any of the company's fleet and the check doesn't bounce (more concerned about my daysoff & benefits than the type i fly), i'm happy with either Airbus or Boeing, flown manually with AP,FD and the autothrust off, as i am apt to do on a lovely VMC day, its almost as much fun, as flying my own airplanes.

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