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Yes, it may well do. I don't think we would use it directly but aim to incorporate it into ATC tooling. If we had a useable final director support tool it would ideally advise ATC when to slow each aircraft to their preferred final approach speed so that it would cross 4DME at the optimum spacing for its weight.

In the case of a B773 (fast) following a B757 (slow) we would then know when to slow the former to achieve optimum runway performance with minimal risk of a go-around. I believe that 26 parameters are downlinked at the moment but I don't know if Vref is one of them. (I often ask, especailly from B757s.) Anybody else know?

Only any good of course if all air-crew deliver it.

May I take this moment to say that on the majority of occasions when you select the Mode S IAS you do see a line of 160s going down the approach, certainly within 1 or 2 kts.... but it only takes one to get suspended.

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