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I think the gist of 411A's comments were that he was glad he flew a type that had good healthy performance at slow speed and not one of the modern types being moaned about.

That airport North of London, hmm. I can understand the attitude of some pilots, I know the approach is operated by West Drayton, and that the controllers on duty may work other approach duties too, but giving 160 to 4 then handing over to tower who clears you to land right away tends to make a mockery compared to KK for example, (my other daily grind) where I stick rigidly to the speeds given and you can see the traffic departing and lining up long after I pass 4 miles DME.

Like 411A, my olde worlde 146 is more than able to fly 160 to 4 easily at whatever weight, but since we were assimilated by the Borg the management have also made us do this at Flap18 gear down, when we always came into LL with flap24 and gear up until 4 miles. Unstable? B00ll0cks is it.

Anyway, thanks Willie for kicking us out, we'll soon be able to fly 250 below 10K again! Yippee! Can't wait.

That fancy Mode s, good innit? 120.4, do you get anything useful like that from 146 squawks or just the basic stuff downlinked?