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120.4 and others ... sorry if I am talking out of the back of my hat, but I couldn't help noticing the coincidence of ATC experiencing problems with unexpectedly slow aircraft last night and the (moved) post about mountain waves in the London area also last night (which apparently can have the effect of slowing down aircraft TMG unexpectedly). Could the two be linked?

On the general question of pushing tin to the limits, I have to say I am uncomfortable with any NATS management culture that has allowed commercial pressure to have any place uppermost in a controller's mind whilst operating. And I am not sure I like the idea of some controllers standing up and saying enough is enough and many others not doing the same. Where is the self-regulation above individual level?

Using a mark one eyeball and a pen to run the Heathrow show in 2006 is a scarey enough thought without suggestion that hairy concepts like "ATC is expected to manage separations to optimise airline fuel savings" are in play.

I am also slightly surprised at how many pilots might still be learning how to stay in front of their type, but it's heartening to see some well-positioned gurus able to point the way
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