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Reading this thread is very interesting. Having it based on LL is good but it can (and should) be widened to all airports where AC are given speeds to fly. At a certain airport to the north of London some operators are well known for not flying the correct speed. They are asked for what speed they are flying and the reply is usually "coming back to 160 'til 4" so you ask what is your speed now? and then you are told 180.


You know that they have been told a speed to fly but they seem to think it is optional, when it is an instruction like any other. If you can't fly it, tell everyone, and it will be accommodated but blatantly ignoring it causes much more workload to everyone including that AC. Basically I think that MORs are going to be filed before anything changes, but as stated before that is my break used up before I return to the fray.

These speeds are for everyone's benefit so lying and not complying really isn't a good idea. Please try and comply and if not tell us.

Thank you to all the pilots who help us make this crazy system work.
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