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Originally Posted by NigelOnDraft View Post
CM Don't know what "rules" (FCOs) you have? But I see no removal of the requirement to have Approach power set at 1000' Also, tail wagging dog again - so to comply with ATC's requirements you purposefully bung all the drag out early (F3, gear) so creating noise and wasting fuel. We now have a gear down ~1600' at 160K procedure for noise / fuel, and one should take flap when one "needs to" (approaching min speed for flap), not using Flaps as Drag
Nige - not sure where it'll be quoted now (no longer on the fleet) but the removal of the 1000 approach power set requirement on the 'bus was made by FCN several years ago specifically in response to the inability of the A319 to achieve the 160 to 4 requirement and approach power at 1000. I believe DW may have been the author of said FCN. Maybe its slipped from common knowledge but the rules defintely changed, in no small part due to agitation from those of us who'd been flying the minibus since it arrived in BA. I don't see a problem in using a high drag approach to comply with ATCs requirements at LHR. We fly the aircraft suboptimally all the time, with controlled rate of descents instead of dirty dives near MSA, slowing down and dirtying up early only to find we're being dragged in low and slow (FRA springs to mind) and all manner of other scenarios. We do it because it's in our corporate interests to make LHR work, and if you ask the managers if they'd prefer to save a splash of fuel at the expense of reducing the landing rate at LHR I think I know what the answer will be.
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