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Are you sure about that NoD? I flew the 319 for 5 years (perhaps including a tour with you) and 160 to 4 is achievable unless you are very light (in which case I always mentioned the Vapp to Director). It requires flap 3 and the gear down with the power up then a judicious timing of the managed speed selection at somewhere between 4.5 - 4d so that the engines go to idle and you cross 4d with the speed at 160kts but the green arrow pointing down. Granted this was tricky when the engines had to be at power at 1000ft but once that requirement was removed and idle power at 1000ft was permissible it became a doddle.
Don't know what "rules" (FCOs) you have? But I see no removal of the requirement to have Approach power set at 1000' Also, tail wagging dog again - so to comply with ATC's requirements you purposefully bung all the drag out early (F3, gear) so creating noise and wasting fuel. We now have a gear down ~1600' at 160K procedure for noise / fuel, and one should take flap when one "needs to" (approaching min speed for flap), not using Flaps as Drag
However, some other designs clearly are not so versatile, SO it is up to ATC to make accomodations
It is not the "design" that is the problem.... it is the paranoid attitude of the Airline Managers about everthing being absolutely sorted prior 1000', and having the tools to pursue you when you are not

We can all devise clever "tricks", some amounting to poor airmanship / fuel wasting / noisy, and "just crack" the 160 to 4D and 1000' stable. We are not talking about "clever pilots" on a "good day". We are talking SOPs, for all pilots, on all days. 160K to 4D and truly stable by 1000' are, IMHO, incompatible - hence the thread. One will have to give....
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