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Who is who


Now I don't care who is who, but if you're in doubt about favouritism on rostering, why don't you have a look at mygulfair.com? One thing is doing to the night BOMs another is just getting day turnarounds.
Lead by example, ever heard of that?

No matter how good GFA is to you, one has to think how come the company upgrades almost 40 captains this year and a huge numbers of first officers.
Gulf Air is not expanding and still we keep the pace.

Does this tells anything about the company?

Dear Ironbutt, some friends of mine left this company, some FOs, some Captains, they were not vermin, nor scum. Qualified people who couldn't take it anymore and were ABLE to find better packages and if GFA does not steer somewhere very soon, I might consider to follow, despite how close one might be for command.

Does anybody know where GFA is heading? I don't. Big FPL DISCONT AHEAD.....

This is for Sal-e:
"money, rostering, housing, etc etc etc are all secondary to me"
You should fly for Medecins sans frontieres, are missionary missions somewhere.
I and the MAJORITY of my GFA colleagues DO care about money, rostering and specially HOUSING and SCHOOLING.
That fact that you and some others don't care about them is the cause of the prostitution in this industry.
Not the first time though. Do I have to mention those who pay the company for the type rating? I mean cash, not bond???

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