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frozen turtle,
actually, this is the only application that i've sent. my ex company of 12 years was great...paid well, got based out of brisbane australia, excellent rostering, great company and pilots (none who whinged and close comraderie) etc etc. i wanted more experience in a totally different place, totally different aircraft and away from the australasia/pacific area.

i am nothing like you in that, due to my nature as a south pacific islander, i will never complain, nor run out of patience nor rant and rave and sulk like a little spoilt brat. but i like meeting new and different peoples and cultures. i like getting to know people at a personal level with no expectation of anything in return.
gulf air will give me all of that or at least the challenge of that. the money, rostering, housing, etc etc etc are all secondary to me. but that doesn't mean i don't have high standards. i come to bahrain as a guest and i will go by the ways of the sandpit by choice and for my benefit. i was fully aware of what to expect and i found it acceptable. wanting a "shafting" would be far from the truth as you in your narrow mindedness, so eloquently put it. you find me in a car park somewhere and i'll give you a "shafting" all right. aren't you ashamed of speaking rudely like that about people you don't know?

so scurry along your merry way, and may you find happiness wherever you're headed.
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