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Hi guys! I fully agree with frozen turtle. If this **** jerk bauer is a 767 pilot he has no right to critisize the 320 fleet. He has no clue what is our live on the 320. I know a good friend of mine who used to fly the 320 for 2 years. The differrence between both fleets is a scandal for him. Life looks like leave for him right now. So Jerk bauer if you are a 767 pilot keep your comments for you.... You have no clue what is going on on the 320 fleet.

330/340 looks like holidays roster!!!!!!

For example, two days before his marriage. The rostering cancelled his leaves due to shortage of F/O!!!!!

In a very short time from now a lot of 320 guys will be far away from this modern slivery airline.....

So Sal-e no future for you in GF. Sory mate... All the rats are leaving the boat.... HOFO is one of them......

If it continues like this, GF will loose more than a half of his 320 F/O due to mickey mouse management.

The show must go on....

Fly high!

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